Fun With Mommy

Told from the perspective of a child; “Fun With Mommy” highlights the bonding time captured between a mother and her child while engaging in pole fun and fitness lessons. Boy version and coloring book also available now – see previews below!

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The Backstory…

Fully clothed, during her music and movement session – Lael has the chance to dance with her friends. She decides to show her friends that she can climb, spin and slide down the pole to the itsy-bitsy spider. Her teacher, while witnessing the moment, panics.

“Lael- no!”
“Get Down!”

“It’s OK, Miss… it’s just my moms exercise pole. See…” Lael states as she proceeds to spin around the pole.

Looking up, she notices that her laptop is now black with just her name showing on the screen. She can still hear the music and see that all of her other school friends are continuing to dance. Confused as to what just happened, Lael runs to the computer to try and turn her video back on. Realizing that her video camera has been turned off – she bursts into tears.

That’s when I enter the room.

“What happened?” I ask.

“I just wanted to dance with my friends,” cries little Lael as she sits in front of her laptop for her virtual music and movement session on zoom. I also notice that only her screen has been turned off. “Why did they do that?” she asks, tears streaming down her face.

Hearing the dialogue from the other room, and now trying to make sense of what just happened to my 4 year old daughter, I reply;

“Lael, everyone does not have exercise poles in their home. Next time do the itsy bitsy spider on the floor.”

Representation matters, so I search online to find a book that we can read together that has children and parents poling together. I find absolutely nothing.

That is what led to the creation of this book. And now – here you are!



About The Book

34 Pages – Beginner Level Reading

Representation matters. And now there is finally a book for children who like to pole with their mothers. “Fun With Mommy” is the perfect way to simplify the innocence and fun in poling with children. This book highlights the bonding time, fun, and fitness aspects of pole dancing while being told from the memory and perspective of a child. These pages of illustrations will take you through a little girl’s pole journey from past to present. From crawling and being carried to climbing on her own, she cherishes the time spent with her mommy. Get your little one this book and get ready to create more memories! Also, since this book was created for children who pole, it is sight word friendly. As an added treasure, some of the sight words are enlarged on each page to encourage young readers to read along and learn to read as they go.

Preview The Pages

Girl Version

Boy Version

Coloring Book

I was honored to read ‘Fun With Mommy’ by Lavenia Price and it was a good read. It captures the moments of a daughter bonding with her mother through pole fun and fitness. It takes away the negative stigma that a pole is only for dancing. It shows that you can get in shape while having fun. I would definitely recommend this book and also pole fun and fitness classes for any mother/daughter looking to spend more quality time together..

Revon Williams

It is beautiful! I love the simple messages and the artwork is just beautiful. I love it!


Finally there is a children's book that represents the pole community! This book is such a great way to introduce and represent children who pole.


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